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To create a better future, you have to start at the root of society: Education. 要创建一个更美好的未来,必须从社会的根源开始:教育 Welcome to STELLAR PRESCHOOL, an English-medium Child Development Centre. We offer a refreshing holistic and innovative approach to education for children ages from 3 to 6. 欢迎来到星耀幼儿园,同时也是一间英语媒介的儿童发展中心。我们为3至6岁的儿童提供完整和创新的学前教育。 STELLAR PRESCHOOL is designed with a pleasant and conducive learning environment to provide your children a head-start in academic excellence and overall development. We have adopted the UCSI curriculum as our educational framework. This specific approach helps us organize the day, frames teacher-child interaction and encourages the use of child development principles and hands-on activities. We utilize diverse teaching methods, experiential learning and the latest technology to prepare all students effectively to succeed in future. 我们采用UCSI所研发的课程作为我们的教育体系,这帮助我们安排每日的课程,让教师与儿童有更多的互动,鼓励运用儿童发展原则和实践活动。我们运用多元教学方法,体验式学习和最新科技让学生在未来取得成功。 STELLAR PRESCHOOL adopts an integrative learning approach using various child-focused themes, projects and activities which are tailored to the needs of each individual child to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences. In addition, through a developmentally appropriate program, a child's emotional, social, physical, intellectual and language development is encouraged at individual levels. STELLAR PRESCHOOL星耀幼儿园是一间为教育而办的幼稚园,同时也是一间 Child Development Centre 儿童发展中心, 以关心儿童为己任,深入了解每位儿童的个性和挖掘他们的才能,让他们得以快乐的学习和潜能得以被充分发挥,因为我们相信儿童与生俱来有着不同的才能,但他们最终发展得好与坏视乎我们怎样培育他们。我们也致力促进儿童的正面与积极发展,增进儿童的创造力及生活自理能力等,和为儿童提供专业评估、多元化的课程,以协助培育儿童在身心全面成长, 为进入小学做好准备,活出充实和像星星一样闪耀的人生。 我们有最新的教学器材和优美卫生的环境,也将不断地提升教材与设备。 提倡不打小孩和不死读书,通过室内与户外游戏活动的教学方法,让学习变得更自然有趣。我们对环境设计及保安有很高的要求,只想给小孩一切最好的,让家长可以很安心的把小孩交给我们照顾。我相信在我们悉心的栽培下,您的孩子将会成为一个闪耀璀璨的未来之星! Curriculum:UCSI-CDC United Kingdom Syllabus (英国教学大纲) Programmes: Pre1, Pre2, Pre3 早上班 Morning session: 8:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. 下午班 Afternoon session: 12:30p.m. – 4:30p.m. (We offer extended after school care until 6p.m.) 特色Features: • 教育背景的管理层Educator background management • 全人教育课程及才艺辅助课 Holistic curriculum with enrichment lessons • 阳光充足且通风的良好学习环境 A conducive environment • 实践高安全标准 Practices high-safety standards – with CCTV monitoring • 理想的师生比例 Ideal teacher-student ratio • 观察文化多样性和非歧视 Observes cultural diversity and is non-discriminatory • 支持家庭参与和信任关系 Supports family involvement and trusting relationships • 实践适当的卫生规范 Applies appropriate hygienic practices • 提供营养均衡的菜单 Offers a well-balanced and nutritious menu 设施Facilities: • 儿童适用的厕所 Child-friendly Toilet • 开放式图书区 Open Concept Library • 室内游乐区 Indoor Play Area • 户外游乐场 Outdoor Playground • 护士室 Nurse room • 迷你菜园 Edible Garden • 沙池 Sandpit
Stellar Preschool
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Stellar Preschool
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Stellar Preschool
Stellar Preschool
Dear parents! A gentle reminder to you that our Open day is starting from 9.30am to 12pm.
亲爱的家长们! 温馨提醒,我校的开放日将在9月28日早上9时30分至中午12时。

In order for parents to know our teachers better, Stellar Preschool will be having DEMO CLASSES on the Open Day.

Besides, free vouchers of enrichment programmes for , , , , and English Assessment to redeem on the Open Day. See you!

<敲击乐手班>, <小小毕加索>, <爱因斯坦计划 - 科学>, <爱因斯坦计划 - 领导技能>, <我是艺术家 >,<英文评估>。

Stellar Preschool
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Stellar Preschool
Stellar Preschool
Greetings from Stellar Education!

Our Intensive Foundation Programme (English & Mathematics) will start soon!

Date: 30th September – 22nd November 2019 (8 weeks)
Day: Monday to Friday, 5 days a week (closed on Malaysia Public Holidays)
Time: 2:30 pm - 5:30pm (3 hours including a short break)
Age: 4 to 9 years old
Course Fee: RM1,250 / 4 weeks (inclusive materials fee)
Venue: Almas @ Puteri Harbour

Contact: +6011 5622 3116
Stellar Preschool
Stellar Preschool
Thank you The Knowledge Review for featuring us as "The 10 Most Valuable Preschool 2019". We will continue to strive for excellence and provide the real "Stellar Education"!