Children’s Day Celebration
By Mira Syahirah | Editor

We live in a world shaped by great leadership from all walks of life. Our responsibility as educators is to ensure that our students progress as future leaders. To do so, we must begin right now. By teaching the children the right values and skills, we can help them positively impact the world when they grow up.

“True leaders are not born, they are made.”

Every year, Children’s Day is celebrated to foster a sense of belonging among children and raise awareness about their well-being. It also emphasises the importance of children’s rights such as health, safety, education and respect. This important day serves as a reminder that children are valuable members of society who need love and care. It also highlights the importance of building a better future for them, as they will be our future leaders. 

Children are a foundation for a better tomorrow. To make this celebration memorable for our little Stellarians, Stellar Preschool celebrated Children’s Day with various exciting activities at school, such as playing bingo games and making crafts. Our adorable children also dressed up their best to take photos at the photo booth decorated by the teachers.

Children’s Day is just as significant as any other day. Every Day, they should be honoured and celebrated. A happy and fulfilled child will undoubtedly have a better and brighter future, encouraging them to become amazing leaders and individuals.