It is undeniable that some parents are considering whether to send their children to a holiday programme during their school holidays. What can the parents do to ensure that their children fill out their holiday with fun activities? Joining a holiday programme is the best option for your child since it provides several excellent benefits for children in terms of developing leadership, social, and physical abilities.

Stellar Preschool has organised a holiday childcare programme for our little Stellarians. During the programme, the children engaged in a variety of interesting activities such as pancake making and painting arts and crafts. Pancake making helps children develop their creativity and imagination. They will pay attention to minor details, naming foods they are familiar with as well as discovering new ones. Small tasks like shaping pancakes, learning about quantities, and holding bakery utensils all assist to develop their fine motor abilities.

There are many fun activities for children to discover during their school holidays. This is also a perfect time for the children to create memorable memories with their friends. Why do creating memories matter? Children can enhance their sense of identity by experiencing memories. Happy memories are a significant component of best childhood experiences. 

Moreover, holiday programmes are an excellent way to promote self-development and boost children’s self-esteem to do their tasks independently as well as build a strong teamwork with their friends. Children who are confident and secure in themselves are more likely to be successful in school and achieve personal goals. Through the programme, children can discover and explore their strengths at a young age while having fun participating in the activities.