Inspiring Learning Spaces

By Mira Syahirah | Editor

Parents always opt for the greatest curriculum to ensure the quality of their child’s education. Are you aware that a suitable learning environment can help your child learn more effectively? Children’s growth is aided by a well-organised environment where they can learn and play. In a classroom setting, having familiar elements might help young learners feel more at ease and improve their learning capacity.

What makes a good learning space?

  1. Learning spaces should be comfortable. All classrooms and common areas at Stellar Preschool are comfortable spaces where students feel at home. The school aims to have improved and comfortable learning environments and outdoor classrooms that can withstand the Malaysian heat and notorious insects.

  2. Shoeless learning spaces. Children frequently learn with their shoes off, according to Heppell (2011), in order to build a more relaxed learning environment. Our children and teachers are required to remove their shoes before entering the classroom at Stellar Preschool.

  3. Bring the outdoors in. Our school does not place a high value on playgrounds, preferring to reconnect students with nature by integrating lessons into its 5-Senses Edible Garden.

  4. Multipurpose spaces. Our school uses common areas to organise large group activities, presentations, and celebration events. It also allows children of various ages to interact and learn.

  5. Bright spaces with air ventilation. Stellar Preschool ensures good air ventilation around the campus to provide a comfortable environment that helps to reduce the spread of infection and control the circulation of unpleasant odours.

Stellar Preschool has won the Inspiring Learning Spaces Award from PEEAM EduAwards 2021. This award motivates our teachers to continue providing an extraordinary learning experience for the future generation.