It was a wrap for the end of March term for Stellar Preschool and Sand and Stars kindergarten. So there came a term-end Holiday Celebration for all our children!

This 3-day event lasted from 29 to 31 March, Monday to Wednesday. The objectives of this Holiday Celebration were variant and holistic where through play, the children learned from the activities planned. The topic for each day’s series of activities was different, with every one conducted with a storyline. Overall, we had focused on how to convey pandemic issues to the children.

The Holiday Celebration is an event normally organised thrice in a year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were only able to have it once last year. This year, our teachers were so excited to be able to hold one of our biggest events again, and we are looking forward for the next Holiday Celebration!

by Jasmine Ong Wei Xin | Deputy Vice Principal