Why Edible Garden?

• An innovative way to bring children closer to nature.
• In our age of constant digital contact, connecting kids to nature seems more difficult than ever. So we designed this EDIBLE GARDEN to teach children how to grow and harvest their own food, and prepare the produce into meals could help kids improve their social skills through teamwork, and promote healthy lifestyles.
• To promote environmental protection and encourage the appreciation of both natural and built environments through offering an array of interactive and informative learning to the children.

• 一种能让孩子更接近大自然的创新方式。
• 在这持续与数码科技接触的时代,孩子们比以往更难与大自然接触。所以我们设计这个食材花园,来教导孩子们如何种植与收获自己的食物,和准备食物来帮助孩子们通过团队合作,提高他们的社交技能,和推广健康生活方式 。
• 通过提供一系列的互动学习,向孩子们推广环境保护和鼓励对大自然与人类建筑环境的欣赏。

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