Orientation Day 2018

What a good start into the year 2018 with our new parents & students.

Worries are created for children in a new environment where anxiety and tension for children is well within the realm of stress that they would experience in any other new adventure. Hence, all parents and children are invited to attend the orientation session where they get to meet the teachers & schoolmates, and to get familiar with the school environment; also, to learn what they can expect throughout the year.

If your child is struggling with the transition and wants you to stay during schooling days, the best thing you can do to help your child is to leave. We have support teachers to help and in times, your child will feel completely comfortable in their new school.

It is hard to tell how much time is needed during the transition, however, continue to reassure your child that teachers will help students form new attachments to school friends and assist with this big step along the journey towards independence.

See you all tomorrow on our very first fun schooling day!

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