The Treehouse toddler playgroup

Young children are going through a critical period of rapid brain and skill development. They require a stimulating environment to play, and to learn from play.

Playgroup is a great way for your child(ren) to develop physical skills, teaches problem solving, communication and social interaction; not forgetting about the greatest part of FUN!

The Playgroup classroom’s setting is in exploration centers that enable children to explore and engage in the activity they are interested in. It is going to be child-directed and teachers as the facilitators as we believe that by doing so, we would unleash their potential to think, explore and create things beyond themselves.

  • 树屋幼儿班 24 months~36 months
  • 每星期不同主题 Weekly Theme
  • 小班制 Small Class Size
  • 玩耍对孩子的发展非常重要,因为玩耍提供了孩子们探索和学习生活所需技能的平台,所以我们相信孩子们应该通过玩耍来学习。


Duration: 2 hours
Location: Stellar Preschool
Tel: +607 336 2116
Whatsapp: +6018-954 3116

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