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Our Yummy + Nutritious Food

Thanks to Ms Wendy, our super cook! Our children get to enjoy a variety of food for snack, lunch and tea break. Most of the vegetables are organic and fresh from our 5 Senses Edible Garden.

Ms Wendy, our super cook is plucking vegetables from 5 Senses Edible Garden.

Sandwich sushi rolls.

Banana pancake with strawberry.

Braised rice with sweet corn, chicken, carrot, mushroom and organic green onion (from our edible garden).

Rice with oat.

1. Cheese milk egg with organic coriander (from our edible garden).

2. Stir-friend red & yellow bell pepper and carrot with organic coriander (from our edible garden).

3. Organic brazilian spinnach (from our edible garden).

Stir-fried cabbage and carrots, Stir-fried tomato and eggs.

Vegetable and kaya bun.

Sweet potato soup.


Butter kaya sandwich.

Pumpkin braised rice, organic vegetables (from our edible garden) and Potato sweet corn.

Rice with oat and chicken stew with mixed vegetables.

Chicken stew with mixed vegetables.

French loaf with butter, tomato and tuna.

Sandwich sushi rolls.